Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sucks To Suck

That's right.  When you are bad at something, it sucks.

Well I suck.

It has been just about 2 months since my last post.  

Nice job me.

You see, I go through these "fads."  I find something new and I binge on it, a lot.  For awhile it was blogging, before that it was Dragon Age.  For awhile it was Euchre.  Now it has been League of Legends.  And during said fads, the old fads are forgotten.  Well, they are not totaly forgotten.  I think about them occasionally.  And so tonight I wanted to stop just thinking about, and do.

Something else I suck at, having a relationship.  Well, not so much HAVING a relationship.  More like GETTING a relationship.  I think about being single a lot.  And apparently, you should not do that.  because "when you stop looking is when you find it."  What? So you want me to stop looking for something I really want?

Oh, well if that's all I need to do, what the hell I am I doing.  *Poof.*  I am no longer looking.

Huh? Telling someone to stop looking for something they really want makes no sense.  Now I don't smoke, but I am POSITIVE that if I would tell a smoker, "Ok, mister smoker, the next time you want a smoke, just stop wanting one, then you will get one, it's that easy!"   They would hit me.  The logic is not there.

Now I bet you are thinking, "OK, Nick, bad example, smokers are addicted to smoking, they can't stop thinking about it."

THAT'S THE POINT!  I really want a relationship, how in the hell do you expect me to stop thinking about something I want.  They really want a smoke, I really ant a relationship.

I hope I am not the only one who thinks this way of thinking is flawed.  As for what I try to do to solve my issue is this...
     I always try to feel good about myself, I believe that I am quite a catch.  Now I don't just act like an ass to everyone.  Just mentally I try to feel good about myself.
     I keep trying to get dates, I don't stop trying.  If I would quit trying, I would never get one (Contrary to what people tell me, but I can not see the logic, as discussed earlier.)
    Everyone has something to offer. I view every female as a potential date with one exception. I must find them physically attractive.  (Not necessarily what society says is attractive, but what I think is attractive, and what i find attractive has a very wide range of acceptance.)  I have been called shallow before, but that is because they do not understand how vast my view of attractiveness is. (A sub-point, any one that calls you shallow for not wanting to date someone you find ugly, is just an idiot.  You need to think the other person is attractive, just make sure there are other things that determine the date-ablity of someone.)
     I am a nice guy.  I do my best to be friendly, thoughtful, and the like.
     None of that seems wrong to me, and defiantly not a reason I should be single.  So lastly I recognize, that my being single is not ALL my fault, some of it I am sure can be related to me, but surely not all.

I really have no authority to give advice on the matter, being single and all, but I do feel like I am on the right track.  So feel free to take my suggestions with as big or small a grain of salt that you would like.

But still, it sucks to suck....