Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mentat: Origins

I have another blog. I enjoyed writing it so much, I wanted to start another one. Something not quite so focused. Someplace where I can share my ideas, and thoughts.

(To the six of you who read my OTHER blog, do not fear, it is not dead, just sleeping, school is keeping busy, or broke (your choice), so no new movies or books for me, for now, hopefully soon.)

To those of you not knowledgeable of "Dune," get educated. It is where my title came from. A definition, from Wikipedia....

"A Mentat is a profession or discipline in Frank Herbert's fictional Dune universe. Mentats are humans trained to mimic computers: human minds developed to staggering heights of cognitive and analytical ability."

I'm not saying I am super duper smart. I AM saying that I tend to view things differently than most, and even wrongly sometimes. Posts will be mostly unrelated, irregular, and ranging in seriousness. I will share what I think is important, and not share what I think is lame.

That is all.
or more accurately...
Until next time.

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